PATN for Windows Demo Version 3.12

PATN Demo: Pattern analysis software for Windows Demo version 3.12

PATN finds and displays patterns in multivariate data. PATN is designed to be extremely simple to use, broad in application and powerful in utility. PATN has a wide range of options and utilities with defaults automatically determined from data content. The Trial Version of PATN V3 has full functionality, except that it does not permit the importing of data. This version is always synchronised with the current release version of PATN. The medals demonstration dataset is embedded in the trial version. The data may be fully analysed, displayed and exported. Any E-mail feedback will be gratefully received and acted upon if at all possible. Support for the trial version cannot however be guaranteed. I hope that you enjoy trialling PATN. Lee Belbin Director, Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd

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